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Our partner MAS has recently attracted attention for a range of technical innovations in extrusion and plastic recycling technology, including the co-rotational conical twin screw extruder and a waterless cleaning system for film flakes. This year, at the FAKUMA exhibition in Germany, MAS introduced further technical developments with a range of patent-protected continuous melt filtration systems available in three power levels for flow rates of from 300 to 2,000 kg/h.

The MAS Filter Innovation

The objective of this MAS development was to provide answers to problems presented by several other filtration systems. The focus here was not solely on the flow rate or filter performance, but in particular on favorable operating costs by minimizing wearing parts as well as high service friendliness. The result is the continuously operating CDF melt filtration system. Its core component is a rotating filtration disc in the incoming melt flow and which the pressurized plastic melt flows through. This melt is filtered and then forwarded to the next system component on the extrusion system. Dirt particles such as paper, wood, aluminum and rubber left behind on the filter plate, while plastic particles which have not melted are stripped off using a stationary scraper on the opposite side of the housing together with a certain amount of the molten plastic, and discharged by an auger. This conveys the concentrated contaminants outwards. The melt pressure regulates the contact pressure of the scraper via a mechanical piston-lever system. The entire filtration process runs continuously.

The filter discs are manufactured from tempered steel and available for filtration fineness of from 80µm to 500µm. The filter can be changed very quickly as the housing of the rotation filter is designed with a vertical division, with both halves of the housing connected to each other by a hinge. This enables ideal access (pictured right). The actual replacement is extremely simple and can be carried out in around 45 minutes using conventional tools.

Range with Three Available Sizes

The new filter range consists of three basic models – the basic model CDF 300 (pictured left) with extremely compact design, the midrange model CDF 300-D which has been designed as twin version with 2 x CDF 300 and filter model CDF 2400 with 2 parallel filtration units with a diameter of 420 mm. The latter accordingly offers the substantial filtration area of 2480 cm².

For more information on all MAS systems and innovations, contact Lane Anderson, eFACTOR3's Regional Sales Manager, at 1.877.801.3232.

Used MAS DRD System For Sale

Cleaning and Drying without Water

We have a used MAS DRD 24 DS system for sale, installed in 2010, light usage. For those not familiar with the MAS dry cleaning systems, they are a modern and extremely economical alternative, or an optimal supplement, to conventional wet cleaning plants. The technology is utilized to dry and clean agricultural film, post industrial film, shopping bags and other materials for the re-extrusion to plastic pellets. Based on the tried-and-trusted DRD (Double Rotor Disc) technology, the system combines the cleaning centrifuge with thermo-mechanical drying. Contact us for complete details about the available system for sale.

Watch a MAS DRD 18 DS system as it cleans hay bale wrap, below.

See more on these and other machines we offer in action by visiting the eFACTOR3 YouTube Channel.

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