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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) – Boston and suburbs - Case Study


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The MWRA is a state government agency that provides wholesale water and sewer services to 2.5 million people and more than 5,500 large industrial users. It also monitors outflows in Cape Cod Bay and Boston Harbor using a range of advanced technologies. As an industrial user of electricity, agency officials are looking to reduce economic volatility from electricity costs and to improve energy security by deploying renewable energy assets with inherent environmental benefits. More than 60 different communities rely on the agency for delivery of drinking water, managing drainage capacity and sewage treatment in an ecologically-sound way.

Client Need:

MWRA always seeks to reduce energy consumption and capitalize on its own sites for generating electricity and heat. MWRA officials wanted to evaluate solar and wind power generation potential at its pumping stations, treatment facilities and other sites. Boreal was retained both as a consultant and project manager to assist in a system-wide assessment of appropriate locations and technologies, and developing economic models for project cost and return-on-investment scenarios and project implementation assistance.

Solution: Consulting Arrow Feasibility Arrow Project management

Boreal was selected as an ongoing consultant to the agency, proposing renewable energy options at various locations. Our duties included defining project scope, goals and technical standards in creating Request For Proposal documents. We supported the evaluation of responses and the eventual selection of qualified bids for design and construction of photovoltaic and wind energy systems. After reviewing proposals, Boreal acted as owner’s agent for construction of a 1.5 MW wind turbine at the Charlestown, MA pumping station in 2011.


We have completed several solar energy feasibility and design projects. And we supplied business case analysis and design/build consulting for three different solar projects and two wind turbine installations through 2011.

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