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Master Magnets introduce the `R` type

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Eddy Current Separators are one of the most widely used types of magnetic separation equipment in the world today and are being increasingly used in various industrial applications for the separation of non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium and copper, from various types of product.

Applications that often call for Eddy Current Separators include the separation of aluminium from crushed glass, the removal of non-ferrous metals from shredded wood and for separating aluminium beverage cans from steel cans and dry non-metallic materials.

In 2006, Master Magnets introduced a cost-effective Eddy Current Separator system known as the ‘Can Sorter’. As the name suggests, the unit was designed specifically to deal with the sorting of used beverage cans (UBC) and consisted of a simple 122mm diameter, 6 pole rotor, which could be manufactured with an effective belt width of up to 600mm. The units compact design represented a much smaller investment than the higher specification machines in the range whilst still providing customers with an efficient separation of their product.

Demand for can sorting units that could handle high throughput rates became increasingly apparent as customers began to ask for two Can Sorters that could work simultaneously at separating their beverage cans. Master Magnets felt as though this was unnecessary and despite still being a cheaper alternative to purchasing a High Intensity ECS unit, could be avoided if a new ‘mid-range’ Eddy Current was introduced to fill this gap in the market.

Master Magnets wanted to produce an Eddy Current Separator that was tailor made for general recycling applications. Through market research Master Magnets determined the need for a unit with belt widths up to 1,250mm for handling larger throughput rates. This new machine, known as the ‘R’ Type, also had to have an increased level of performance compared to the Can Sorter, to provide optimum separation in general recycling applications. For this reason, the ‘R’ Type was designed with a 190mm diameter rotor with 12 poles.

Master Magnets have already received several orders for the ‘R’ Type and the performance of the models that have been manufactured so far have more than lived up to our expectations.

Adrian Coleman, Managing Director:

“At Master Magnets, we do not intend to lose sight of innovation and our own progression throughout these financially difficult times. It is during these times in particular that we must do our best to provide our customers with the most cost effective solutions, which give the best possible returns on investment.”

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