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Mastertaste Savors the Benefits of Cost-Effective Odor Control


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The aromas from savory flavors are detectable even at low concentrations, and pose special challenges for companies who manufacture or use them.   

Mastertaste, (Clark, N.J.) a Division of Kerry Group plc, is a leader in the development and production of savory flavors and blended seasonings.  As part of a plant expansion, Mastertaste needed a system to eliminate odors from savory notes and essential oils to a level undetectable at the stack.  The company sought advice from Andy Oiestad, owner of the design engineering firm Richmond Tech-Air, (Clark, N.J.) , who recommended a packed tower technology developed by Tri-Mer Corporation.

Tri-Mer systems are in use by numerous manufacturers of seasonings blends, breading and cheese products.  Among Tri-Mer’s recent odor control projects was a system installed at a processed foods company in the northwest.  There, the odor control system achieved a “zero detection” rating in a boundary test done following installation of a Tri-Mer packed tower in 2004.

The Tri-Mer packed bed tower was engineered to scrub gases, odors and fumes, while consuming significantly less energy than 'bubble cap” (sieve tray tower) or impingement baffle plate systems. This is due primarily to the substantially lower pressure drop realized by the Tri-Mer system.

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