Materials Testing


Courtesy of Dynaflow, Inc.

Dynaflow, Inc. is pleased to announce its specialized materials testing capabilities for material erosion due to cavitation and liquid impact, and for properties of materials undergoing rapid loading. Dynaflow, Inc. conducts standard (ASTM G-32, G-73, G-134) and customized erosion tests for cavitation and liquid impact erosion using ultrasonic, water jet, and whirling disk devices. This includes the capability to test cavitation erosion at ambient pressures up to 2,500 psi, and in various liquids at different controlled temperatures. Dynaflow owns several erosion test loops, which can accommodate a wide range of erosion intensities. A split Hopkinson pressure bar setup can measure materials properties at high rates of strain (~3,000/s).  Dynaflow also designs and conducts custom test setups and develops test protocols to meet specific individual needs when standard tests are not required or do not provide the most effective method of evaluation. With recent increase of interests in composite materials and coatings, Dynaflow has been developing new testing methods specific to elastomers and thin coatings. Dynaflow’s scientists have served on the ASTM G-32 and ASTM G-134 committees for the revision of the standards. For additional information, contact Dynaflow at 301-604-3688 (Tel), 301-604-3689 (Fax), (Email) or visit the Dynaflow website at

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