Mattel factory oven cooler by 50°C-122°F with Planet Supra

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The industry is always looking for improvements in insulating materials: heat is often synonymous of energy loss and high energy bills.

Nanotechnology, by assembling components at nano scale (extremely small: the smallest thing visible to the human eye is 10,000 nano!), adds amazing properties to materials. It is revolutionizing insulating materials right now, from space exploration to building insulation.

Planet Supra Thermal Barrier Paint is a nanotechnology heat reflective and insulating coating as easy to apply as regular water-based paints. For its unique ability to reduce the urban heat island effect and reduce energy consumption, it is the only coating certified to offset carbon emissions by Carbon Offset Japan (COJ).

Companies such as Carrefour, DHL and The Four Seasons Hotels are already leveraging its benefits to save on air-conditioning costs (buildings) and fuel consumption (fresh food trucks).

In industrial applications, Planet Supra can be used to reduce hot equipment surface temperature. On July 1st 2010, a Mattel factory in Thailand conducted a trial on an oven to assess the paint's performance.

The painted surface was recorded to be cooler by up to 50°C - 122°F, a result exceeding the factory Senior Facility Maintenance Supervisor's expectations! Once the whole oven is painted:

  • the machine will be more energy-efficient
  • worker safety will be improved
  • working conditions will improve as ambient temperature will drop

Planet Supra is a radiant barrier: it's performance is exponential, the hotter the surface the higher the difference. It can tolerate surface temperatures of up to around 150°C - 302°F without damage.

Higher temperatures will degrade the paint in a safe way: it contains no VOC so no toxic fumes are released, it is non-inflammable and will not catch fire.

View the detailed business case on Trading Green's website and download the report in PDF.

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