Mattress recycling project case study


Large hotel client was replacing 400 mattresses and box springs, they needed to find a solution to reduce, reuse and recycle these items. The cost to dispose of each mattress and box spring was S20 per item, the hotel faced a disposal fee charge of over $16,000.00.

  • The average mattress is 23 cubic feet and 70 lbs each.
  • Mattresses are 60% steel and 40% soft stuff (foam, textiles), box springs are 60% steel and 40% wood.

The mattress replacement was to occur during the busy summer season which meant any delays would result in lost revenue for the hotel.

The Results
Keystone worked with local mattress recyclers and charity organizations to recycle or reuse 100% of the mattresses.
The hotel recycled 181 mattress sets total using a local mattress recycling firm. The recycler recovered the following materials:

  • Steel goes to local recycler
  • Wood - used as a biofuel to heat local plant greenhouses.
  • Foam - used in carpet underlay
  • Cotton & Felt: re-used as insulation for hot tubs and boat furnishings.

Keystone arranged for 279 pieces or 139 mattress sets total out of 294 (47%) to be donated to local low income housing groups for use in their facilities. Soft plastic packaging that the mattresses were shipped in was saved and recycled by a local plastic recycler.

Scrap metal and wood from bed frame replacement was recycled using a local construction material recycling facility. Zero waste was sent to landfill and the hotel saved over $12,000.00 by reusing and recycling the mattresses.

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