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Matucana 100 Architectural Exhibit (Santiago, Chile) case study


For the first time, Chile is developing a program to reach young American architecture: PAL (Programme for Latin American Architecture). This program, on an annual basis, is an active platform to generate new opportunities for emerging and talented architects. The first edition, held at the Matucana facilities 100 (M100), only featured Chilean National Architects.

Technical Information:

  • Materials Used: EnviroGrid EGA203 1,500 m2
  • Application: Architectural Installation
  • Project Length: December 2010
  • Principal: CONSTRUCTO
  • Website:
  • Architect: Eduardo Castillo, with structural advice from Patrick Bertholet.
  • Collaborating Maria Francisca Navarro, Architects: Gonzalo Torres

Exhibit Information:
For this first edition, to begin the annual program, The PAL chose Matucana facilities 100 (M100), held within the cultural circuit of the Matucana district. The event was capped with a presentation of architectural character for the summer of 2011. This temporary work, is the creation of an urban landscape, a friendly environment in the large yard of M100. The project aims to explore and improve the quality of public space by applying shading, water, seating and bars. These elements highlighted sustainability as a contemporary problem that involves an intelligent and creative use of resources to accomplish. The patio will be used both by visitors on weekdays and by a large number of young people will attend a series of staged musical / visual events that will be held on Saturdays starting in January 2011. This temporary work is also aimed at exploring new approaches to public space and civic engagement and to give the people of Santiago cause to gather around an architectural intervention of the national creative medium.

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