Maximize the coating life-cycle in severe wastewater environments

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In 2005, the American Society of Civil Engineers awarded a grade of D- to the nation’s wastewater systems based largely on the deterioration of sewage collection systems. That same year, the Bossier City Public Utilities Department in Louisiana restored a 5,000 square foot lift station using a 100 percent solids epoxy mortar system specifically designed to protect concrete in severe wastewater immersion and fume environments.

The concrete was badly deteriorated from biogenic sulfide corrosion, according to coating consultant Brandon Lomasney. Following the rehabilitation of the deteriorated concrete in accordance with ACI 546 Repair of Concrete, the surface was properly prepared and lined with Series 434 Perma-Shield H2S, an aggregate reinforced hybrid epoxy mortar, and topcoated with Series 435 Perma-Glaze, a chemical- and permeation-resistant glaze coat. The Perma-Shield products were specifically designed to provide corrosion protection in severe wastewater environments.

Today, that coating system continues to provide permeation and chemical resistance based on annual inspections and ongoing monitoring, according to Lomasney. “It’s a critical lift station and the lining system has performed very, very well in this severe wastewater environment,” Lomasney noted. “The owner is extremely happy with its performance.”

The Bossier City lift station offers an insight into how protective lining systems are helping domestic wastewater operations extend the life-cycle of steel and concrete infrastructure from premature failure and avoid costly downtime due to corrosive elements such as hydrogen sulfide gas and sulfuric acid.

“By extending the life-cycle of collection and headworks structures with permeation- and chemical-resistant protective linings, utilities increase the sustainability and longevity of these facilities,” affirmed Vaughn O’Dea, Director of Sales – Water and Wastewater Treatment. “Extending the life-cycle of wastewater components reduces costly downtime, while eliminating the environmental impacts associated with repairing or replacing these structures due to corrosion.”

In addition to the Bossier City lift station, Perma-Shield products have been successfully providing long-term coating solutions at numerous locations across the United States and Canada including the Metro Denver Wastewater Treatment Plant in Colorado, the South Surprise Water Reclamation Facility in Arizona, and the Susanville Wastewater Treatment Plant in California.

The Bossier City example is one of many that corroborates the results of accelerated wastewater corrosion testing of the Perma-Shield products by an independent laboratory. When submitted to the Standard Practice for Rapid Evaluation of Coatings and Linings by Severe Wastewater Analysis Test (S.W.A.T.), the Perma-Shield products outperformed all other epoxy-based systems. O’Dea added, “The S.W.A.T. program is a predictive tool to show anticipated life-cycle performance of these high-performance protective lining systems.”

Developed in conjunction with leading engineers, municipal owners and a state-of-the-art testing laboratory, S.W.A.T. simulates a severe wastewater environment and evaluates coating performance with regard to permeation resistance, chemical exposure, adhesion, substrate deterioration and long-term performance.

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