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Maximize Your Recycled Water Distribution through Technical Customer Service

The Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA), a municipal water district in southern California, provides high quality recycled water for landscape, agricultural, and industrial uses. Two industrial customers, an electrical power generating station and a textile dyeing company, required special efforts to address their recycled water quality needs. The electrical power generating station faced the problem of controlling the growth of aquatic plants in its cooling water reservoir, while the textile dyeing company faced the problem of maintaining quality control over its dyeing process when utilizing recycled water. Although cost savings on water purchases were certain, both industries remained cautious on the ability of IEUA to reliably meet water supply and quality demands as well as the ability to effectively address process issues that they may encounter due to the transition to recycled water. To ensure the successful utilization of recycled water by the industrial customers, IEUA provided extensive technical support while working with the customers to systematically identify, characterize, and develop strategies for dealing with challenges associated with the use of recycled water. This collaborative effort produced successful results for both the electrical power generating station and the textile dyeing company.

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