MAXUM edition II - Total sulfur analyzer – Case Study


To comply with environmental regulations in the production of low-level sulfur fuel, it is necessary to get reliable information about the product quality and sulfur content. The Siemens Maxum II, Total Sulfur on-line process gas chromatograph, provides this information in reliable manner using process suitable analytical procedures. The Total Sulfur solution applies a continuous sample nebulization and FID combustion in the highly reliable Maxum II platform, known for its common hardware and unsurpassed networkability.

The Situation

Combustion engine fuels include sulfur components that are converted to Sulfur Dioxide during combustion. Annually, millions of tons of Sulfur Dioxide are released and damage the environment by means of smog or acid rain. Additionally, Sulfur Dioxide negatively impacts the performance and the lifetime of exhaust catalysts.

The introduction of low sulfur fuel is also a prerequisite for the utilization of new exhaust clean up techniques, such as DENOX-catalyst or NOx-traps, as well as the development of more fuel-efficient engines.

More Stringent Requirements

To reduce the total sulfur emission originating from fossil fuel, more and more stringent regulations are implemented, mostly in industrialized countries. For example, the Auto-Oil program in Europe requires the reduction of Sulfur contents in Gasoline and Diesel fuel from more than 1000 ppm in 1995 to less than 50 ppm in 2003. In the USA, amendments to the federal regulations defined in the Clean Air Act of 1990 require the reduction of Sulfur to 30 ppm after 2005. Further reduction of the maximum concentration to below 10 ppm is expected. In order to comply with environmental regulations to produce low-level sulfur fuel, analytical procedures are needed that provide information about the product quality and sulfur content in a reliable and timely manner.

The Measuring Task: A Challenge!

In the fuels to be analyzed are various Sulfur components with unknown distribution. The type and concentration of individual Sulfur components strongly depend on the origin of the crude oil. However, all these sulfur components can be chemically converted to sulfur dioxide which then represents the total sulfur concentration.

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