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MBR at General Mills Covington USA

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Aquabio has designed and built an advanced membrane bioreactor plant with Building Crafts Inc. & Dynatec, NJ at the General Mills Cereal production facility at Covington GA, USA. The plant efficiently removes organics and suspended solids to very low levels suitable for <10mg/l BOD, <5mg/l TSS discharge and further treatment using Reverse Osmosis for water reuse within the factory. The Covington plant is a major cereal production unit with Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast products. The recycled water represents over 50% of the wastewater treated and is used in non-potable factory applications (e.g. dust scrubbers) and as demineralised feed water for the site boilers (reducing boiler operating costs and water wastage through significantly lower blowdown frequency.

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