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MBR bioreactor installation courtaulds, china


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Following a successful on-site trial using a mobile Bioreactor, Microbac has installed a full-scale Microbac Bioreactor unit in a Courtaulds textile plant in China to reduce the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) of the wastewater.

Information obtained from the site trial enabled accurate sizing of the full-scale Bioreactor unit to be achieved and allowed the client to approach the project in a phased manner and to commit to the final stage of the project with increased confidence.


The major benefits of the Microbac Bioreactor unit for the Chinese site were the low civil engineering requirements and the ease of installation, coupled with the lack of moving parts in the Bioreactor and subsequent low maintenance requirements. In addition, as the unit runs on a semi-automatic basis, little operator input is required on a day to day basis.

In order to fulfill the consent discharge requirements implemented by the Chinese authorities, the Bioreactor, in this instance, is located downstream of a Linatex/Crossfields Macrosorb unit which is used to remove the coloured components from the wastewater generated during the textile dying process. In removing colour from the wastewater, a proportion of COD is also removed but at this stage, significant organics remain in the waste stream to be treated with the Microbac Bioreactor.


Results to date demonstrate that the Microbac Bioreactor unit effectively removes COD and BOD levels to well below the discharge consents of 180 mg/l and 40 mg/l respectively.

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