Mcclellan air force base diffusion


Courtesy of EON Products Inc.

Parsons Engineering Science, Inc. (Parsons ES) was retained by the US Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence Technology Transfer Division (AFCEE/ERT) to perform an evaluation of passive groundwater diffusion sampling technology. The diffusion sampler evaluation was funded under Contract F11623-94-D0024, Delivery Order RL72, as part of the AFCEE/ERT Remedial Process Optimization (RPO) demonstration project being performed at six Air Force bases (AFBs) nationwide. One of these bases, McClellan AFB, California (Figure 1.1), was selected as the site for evaluation of diffusion samplers.

This report presents results of the groundwater sampling and analysis activities that were performed as part of the diffusion sampler evaluation at Operable Unit D (OUD), McClellan AFB. OUD is located in the northwestern section of McClellan AFB (Figure 1.2). The activities performed and described in this report are in accordance with the Final Diffusion Sampling and Analysis Work Plan, Operable Unit D, McClellan Air Force Base California (Parsons ES, 1999).

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