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Courtesy of Energy Institute (EI)

The following article highlights some of the latest developments within the Energy Institute’s Hydrocarbon Management Committee (HMC), which produces guidance documents covering petroleum quantity and quality issues.

The most significant news over the past few months is that the Energy Institute (EI), through the British Standards Institution, has been awarded the Secretariat of the ISO Petroleum Measurement and Sampling Committee. This follows the API/ANSI withdrawing from this position last year. ISO TC28/SC2 has been dormant since 2010 and we now have the opportunity to move work forward to update and rationalise international measurement standards. A review of the ISO petroleum measurement portfolio has already been conducted and the first SC meeting is to be organised in 2014.

A revised version of petroleum measurement tables document, ISO 91, which was almost complete before the break in activity, has now been forwarded to the new TC28 Secretariat (shared between NEN, Netherlands and ABNT, Brazil) for ballot.

Ongoing activities

The EI continues to work on joint documents with API and a number of documents are currently under joint API/EI review. A delegation from HMC attended the API COPM meetings in San Francisco in October and a summary report is available to HMC members.

Meanwhile, the HMC subcommittees continue with a busy meeting and work group schedule, discussing key issues and developing guidance in their sectors. The HMC-1 Upstream Measurement Committee is to put two key documents out to ballot shortly – HM25: Assessment of measurement uncertainties in the oil and gas industry and HM75: Uncertainty of measurement in the oil and gas industry. A number of other documents are being revised by the Committee, including HM8: Continuous density measurement, where the pyknometry section is being developed as a separate document. There is also a new group forming to develop measurement guidance for offshore tanker loadings.

The HMC-2 Refinery and Distribution Measurement Committee has completed its 2012 refinery measurement analysis and reports have been issued to members of the benchmarking group. New members are sought and any readers with responsibility for measurements and losses in refineries, particularly outside the UK, are urged to contact the EI. The Committee has been working on updating downstream metering and proving standards. New contract arrangements have now been made and revised documents are expected to be published in 2014.

The HMC-3 Independent Inspection Committee has published two documents in 2013 – HM28: Procedures for crude oil cargo inspectors and HM29: Procedures for petroleum products cargo inspectors. The Committee is currently developing guidance for cargo expeditors.

HMC-4 Oil Transportation Measurement Committee met in Stavanger in May, and in Rio de Janeiro in November. Technical presentations in Stavanger covered EBOTA Reach update, LNG custody transfer measurement and shore tank sampling. Offshore loading, biofuels, LNG custody transfer and Brazilian fiscal measurement requirements were among the November presentations. A number of documents are undergoing revision and new work groups have been set up to prepare revision proposals for the manual and automatic sampling standards ISO 3170 and ISO 3171, and to develop guidelines for rail car cleaning. Sub-committees carried out their annual voyage analyses for marine crude oil (see Petroleum Review, September 2013 for details) and products shipments.

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