Measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) along ocean surfaces case study


Courtesy of Ecotech Pty Ltd




A research team needed to study the levels and variations of one of the major greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide (CO2) along the ocean surfaces. The research team required CO2 analysers to be installed in commercial ocean liners to monitor the “dry” level of CO2 on ocean surfaces as well as the ability to calibrate automatically and accurately during the prolong periods the ships are at sea.

Our Solution:

Ecotech supplied customised built CO2 analysers with internal dryers to counter the effect of high humidity at sea, as well as customised multiple-point automatic calibration facilities with standard gas bottles to perform daily calibrations of the instruments. The analysers were installed in the equipment rooms on a number of ocean liners. They are serviced by an Ecotech distributor during the time the ships dock at home ports.

The Outcome:

The research team were able to plot the CO2 levels along the routes of the cargo ships and against date and time and presented the findings and analysis at major international conferences and research events.

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