Measuring level of chemical solutions case study


MonoScan provides a non-contact ultrasonic answer for measuring the level of chemical solutions in KunMing Chemical company.

KunMing Qingshang Chemical is China's leading provider of a variety of chemical products. The company produces several types of chemical solutions such as, Ammonium Chloride (NH4CI), Niter (KNO3) and more. These solutions are stored in large vessels and need to be carefully controlled and monitored.

The Problems

A number of problems may be encountered when measuring chemical solution levels:

  • The environment inside the tank may be highly corrosive and therefore require vigorous measurement devices.
  • The chemical solutions release gases which create a “blanket” of vapor covering the liquid solution, and impede accessibility to the solution’s surface.
  • The vapors can change the velocity of the sound waves passing through them, resulting in heavy interference in the measurement process.
  • In the past, KunMing Chemical used contact devices that were not robust enough to withstand the corrosive environment inside the tanks. For that reason the company considered non-contact, ultrasonic devices which are robust and stable and can provide more accurate measurement results.

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