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When it was time for a meat packer in Canada to upgrade their dissolved air flotation system, they considered a number of possible replacements. Besides solving their wastewater needs, they needed a unit that would take up little of their valuable space and one that would be also economical to use.


Allowing the company to first screen their wastewater effluent to remove larger solids and then by installing a Hydrocal CAF unit to clear the water it could then be discharged to the city (Metro).

They operate at 550 gpm, although the CAF equipment was sized for 660 gpm to allow room for anticipated plant expansion.

Solids off the effluent System are 8-10%. With certain chemical dosages, typical solids are 14-15%+ and this reduces the BOD from 80-100 PPM. However, this is too thick for the customer to pump so they keep the solids at 8-10%.

The solids that are produced are hauled to a rendering company.

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