Meat Processing Plant Wastewater


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

Traditional Alum & Polymer versus Floccin 1106

The wastewater is currently being treated using conventional chemistry (alum and a polymer).

The facility is paying surcharges due to levels of COD at 1,600 ppm and suspended solids TSS) at 500 ppm. The surcharge rates for the local POTW (Publicly Owned Treatment Works) are based on $0.42/lb for TSS and $0.18/lb. for COD. Based on their daily flow of 200,000 gpd, they pay a daily surcharge of $830/day.

Integrated Engineers was invited to test the Floccin to see if the surcharge rates could be reduced with improved BOD and TSS reduction using the Floccin products.

A 1,000ml beaker filled with the water sample was used to conduct the treatability.

The starting pH was recorded at 8.5. Floccin 1106 was used for testing, and mixed with 0.5 grams in the 1,000ml beaker containing the wastewater. Flocculation occurred after 30 seconds of mixing and after 3 minutes of continuous mixing, the jar was removed and the solids were allowed to settle.

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