Meeting high standards… Compliant fuel and oil separators from Kingspan Klargester

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All manner of projects, both large and small, are required to maintain compliance with all environmental rules and regulations concerning property drainage. As an aspect of compliance, it is essential that the appropriate separators are deployed in order to meet or exceed the drainage demand but to also comply with the ongoing project demands such as cost and time. Kingspan Klargester offers a wide range of fully compliant Fuel and Oil Separators that meet environmental regulations and when combined with our experienced product experts, we can help select the right solution that provides value for you and your project.

Separator Requirements

The determination for use of a fuel and oil separator is based on the specific application of the property and not necessarily on size. Combined guidelines from the Environment Agency of England and Wales, The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and the Environment and Heritage Service of Northern Ireland specify when fuel and oil separators are required. These are:

  • Car Parks, for more than 50 vehicles or 800msquare.
  • Car Parks of any size in a sensitive environment.
  • Any location where good transport is parked or maneuvered.
  • Maintenance areas.
  • Roads or Motorways.
  • Sites where oil is used or stored.
  • Refueling facilities.
  • Any location at risk of contamination from oil or fuel.

Kingspan Klargester Fuel and Oil Separator Types

There are three types of Kingspan Klargester Fuel and Oil Separators for consideration. The first type is the full retention separator that is designed to manage the complete flow of drainage from the site or a flow rate of 65mm/hr, under standard conditions. The second type are Bypass Separators and these manage a flow rate up to 6.5mm/hr and if the flow exceeds this limit, the flow bypasses the separator system. The last type of separator is the Forecourt Separator. This type of separator is designed for installation in petrol filing station forecourts and similar applications. Forecourt separators can contain a spillage up to 7,600L.

Getting The Right Separator

Naturally, to provide the optimal separator, some factors require consideration. Our separator designs are based on non-impeded flows from external pipework, therefore, the factors to be considered are;

  • Calculated flow rate for the area drained.
  • The necessary discharge standard.
  • Drain invert inlet depth
  • All necessary pipework, type, size, and orientation.

Kingspan Klargester has a highly specialized team of experts that can assist you in procuring the right fuel and oil separator for your project. We also offer a free site inspection and analysis that can further assist you in selecting the right separator, if needed. Our team of site specialists and product experts have generations of combined experience in all sizes of projects.

Meeting High Standards

All Kingspan Klargester Fuel and Oil Separators correspond to British and European standards as set forth in EN 858-1 and 858-2. In fact, Kingspan Klargester was the first to be certified to EN 858-1 for a range of separators.

The features of Kingspan Klargester Separators are:

  • Lightweight
  • Easily installed
  • Have fitted inlet/outlet connections
  • Have Vent points and necks
  • Include slit storage volume

In addition to these features, depending on the type and model, they can also include alarm systems, extended access shafts, ground level maintenance, and appropriate covers.

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