3M Membrane Filtration (formerly Membrana)

Meeting water quality specifications for 300 mm processing



This paper reviews the historical ultrapure water specifications and compares them to the specifications for state of the art 300 mm manufacturing.  As the design rule has evolved to 0.13 μm, the ultrapure water specifications have made similar evolutions. This paper discusses these evolutions and focuses on the state of the art technologies that are available to meet these specifications. Major components in the water system are discussed and their purpose is reviewed. In addition, environmental concerns, operating costs and plant productivity are also discussed.  In conclusion, the authors give general considerations and advice on system design.



As the wafer diameter increases from 200 mm to 300 mm a 2.25 increase of surface area per wafer is realized. This increases the number of chips that can be manufactured on a given wafer. The typical 300 mm fab investment is estimated to be approximately 2.9 billion USD, this is about two times the cost of a 200 mm fab. It is also estimated that the output of a 300 mm fab is about 2.25 that of a 200 mm fab. This added capacity per dollar invested is the significant driving force for the transition to 300 mm processing.

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