Membrane cleaning skids prolong operating life of costly membrane filtration units

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Considered one of the most important and costly components of a reverse osmosis purification system, membrane filtration elements (a thin semi-permeable layer which desalinates seawater) collect mineral buildup, organic materials and bacterial agents. The Lifestream Membrane Cleaning Skid cleans, flushes out and preserves the membrane, reviving efficiency and prolonging membrane life.

Designing a system that provides complete, one-operation servicing of R/O unit membranes was the major objective behind the Lifestream Membrane Cleaning Skids.

In developing the Membrane Cleaning Skids, we found that most people did not have all of the supplies they needed at hand to properly maintain their R/O units. With this system, they do.

The Lifestream Membrane Cleaning Skid’s rugged construction and precision instrumentation ensures years of dependable use. The highly resistant, built-in chemical holding tank safely houses all sanitizing agents and preservatives. A filtration unit screens the sanitizing fluid, preventing debris and particulate contaminants from entering the membrane. A totally enclosed, high-speed centrifugal pump circulates and extracts all cleaning and preservative fluids.

In order to maintain consistent performance during the cleaning process, flow meters, pressure gauges and valves allow constant watch for over pressurizing and flow rate. Precisely calibrated thermostats and temperature gauges alert operator of high temperatures—another potential cause of membrane damage. Wheels are available as an option if the skid needs to be portable to service multiple R/O systems.

Originally designed for Lifestream R/O systems, the Membrane Cleaning Skid operates efficiently with most reverse osmosis purification equipment. Custom configurations make any application easy.

With the high replacement costs of membranes and monthly cleaning service fees routine maintenance bills far outweigh the skid’s outfit cost. With knowing the size R/O the skid will service, Lifestream can propose the size skid which will be needed.

Lifestream Watersystems Inc. manufactures complete cost-effective reverse osmosis seawater and brackish water purification systems and accessories for commercial marine, private yacht and land-based installations.

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