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Membrane investment earns green light for brownfield site development

Courtesy of Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd.

A contaminated brownfield site with a history of industrial use and failed development attempts has been given the green light for a much-needed local housing development thanks in part to a revolutionary barrier membrane.

Permission to build nine new homes at Upper Bar, Newport, Shropshire was granted to Days Homes by the local council subject to a contamination investigation and satisfactory remediation solution.  The 0.25 hectare brownfield site housed a former timber yard with a below-ground creosote dipping tank, leaving a legacy of widespread contamination.

Developed by Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd, Puraflex is specifically engineered for contaminated land, groundwater and environmental protection projects.  It has exceptional resistance to a wide range of pollutants including hydrocarbons, toxic industrial chemicals and radioactive gases. 

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