Memory clearing & reprogramming of the RPA-Iä


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GENERAL COMMENTS: In the event of a system 'lock up', the memory of the RPA-I may need to be cleared and reinstalled to restore normal operations. The system memory is structurne dtw i o levels - high and low memory. This Technical Bulletin serves as a guide for the management of both levels of the RPA-I system memory. Please contaSctD I Technical Service at the number listed below for any assistance that may be needed in following this procedure.

PRINTING OF CRITICAL RPA-I INFORMATION: Printing Absorbance Constants: If the RPA-I fails to complete the 'Self Test,' it may be possible to reach the 'Select Command' prompt by pressing the [STOP] key.
1. From the 'Select Command 'prompt, press the [SPECF UNC] key and scroll through the sub-menu to 'Instrument Functions' using the [YES] or [NO] scroll keys. Press [ENTER].
2. Scroll to 'Set Absorbance Cons' and press [ENTER]. The absorbance constants wbiel lp rinted followed by the prompt 'AutoA bs Calibration?'.
3. Press [NO] followed by the [STOP] key.
Printing Protocol Information: Protocol information details are shown in the package insert for each Ohmicron RaPID Assayâ and procedures for manually loading protocols are available from Ohmicron Technical Service.. However, if a printout of the features of a specific assay protocol are desired, follow these steps:
1. Press the [OPTION] key and select 'List Protocol'. Press [ENTER].
2. Scroll through the names of the stored protocols. Once the desired protocol appeaprsre, ss [ENTER] to print.
3. Repeat these steps until all of the protocols are printed.

CLEARING THE MEMORY: Both 'high' and 'low' memory must be cleared.

Clearing High Memory:
1. From the 'Select Command' prompt, press the following number keys: 62326. Thwisi ll allow access to the 'Secret Functions' menu.
2. Scroll to 'Clear Memory' using (YES/NO) key. Press the [ENTER] key. Press [YES] at the 'Clear Memory?' prompt.
Clearing Low Memory:
1. From the 'Select Command' prompt, press the following number keys: 25327. TRheP A-I will emit a continuous tone until the memory clearing process is complete.

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