Metal Processing Facility 3 Wastewater Treatment

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Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

Treatability Procedure

1) Mix samples with regular and chrome laden stream to obtain a 7% by volume chrome to regular wastewater blend. Used a 2,000 ml sample

2) Initial pH = 9.5, Conductivity = 3,4250 uS, ORP = +55.9 mV

3) Add IE-061 (10% solution) for a total of 0.3ml of neat product to an ORP of –163 mV.

4) PH still at 9.5, added Carbon dioxide gas to a pH of 7.0 Sample was buffered at 8.3 so it took a fair amount of carbon dioxide to drop through to 7.0

5) Added Floccin-HP at 38 grams/2,000 liters (160 lbs/1,000 gallons).

 6) Total addition of IE-061 was 150 ppm, Carbon Dioxide usage estimated at 20 lbs. per 1,000 gallons.

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