Metals In China - Coming-of-age for China´s Scrap Conventions

The Secondary Metals International Forum has established itself as the most mature and international of China’s scrap conventions. In terms of organisation and programming, the latest forum has helped to raise the Chinese scrap convention to a new, international standard while presenting an issues agenda whose impact is likely to be felt for years to come.

During the last three years, China has hosted several important fora focusing on its rapidly-evolving scrap metal trade. However, until recently, it was unclear to international participants as to whether these would be one-off occasions or recurring events akin to the US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries’ annual convention and BIR’s twice-yearly conventions. Certainly, important information has been exchanged at these Chinese fora, but more often than not they have had the feel of impromptu gatherings rather than regular summits for the major participants in the Chinese scrap trade.

However, this situation is changing. In November, the 5th Secondary Metals International Forum at the Dong Fang Hotel and Conference Center in Guangzhou made a case for being the most important and well-organised of all Asian scrap metal fora. Organised by the China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association (CNIA) and its Metal Recycling Branch (CMRA), the forum moved beyond being a platform for dry government presentations and instead engaged delegates and officials in a lively dialogue, well-organised factory tours, and an exhibition area. It also brought delegates into contact with an unprecedented array of high-ranking Chinese government officials.

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