Metalworking reclaim saves $400,000 annually


The Problem: A Detroit, MI based transmission component supplier was using an extremely large amount of metalworking concentrate.

The supplier had 48 independent cutting machines, with a total sump capacity of approximately 13,000 gallons. For these machines, there was an extraordinarily high use rate of coolant product, sometimes reaching as high as 9,000 gallons per week of coolant concentrate.

The SRS Service: The individual sumps had been overflowing and going directly to waste treatment via a floor flume and waste sump. Because fixing each independent machine was too costly for the supplier, SRS designed and installed a reclaim system for collection, purification and return of the fluid for reuse.

SRS installed two SR-1020 units. The SR-1020’s draw coolant from the current in-ground flumes, remove the solid and liquid contaminants, and return clean coolant back to the individual machines for reuse. SRS maintains and adjusts the equipment for optimal purification.

The Results: Documentation by the facility showed a 60% decrease in coolant concentrate usage, with a concurrent decrease in waste treatment and water usage. Tooling savings equated to over $30,000 in four months of operation.

Annual Cost Savings Produced………$400,000.

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