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Courtesy of SIJ - Slovenian Steel Group, d. d.

Slovenia. With every product custom-made for a global audience, Ravne Knives must constantly improve product quality as well as productivity. The latest improvements have been reached with the use of CoroMill 490.

WITH A BACKGROUND in steel production in the Slovenia region that reaches back 400 years, Ravne Knives is today a world leader in the manufacture of industrial knives. The company is part of a larger group, SIJ (the Slovenian Steel Group), which is in turn a part of IMH – Industrial Metallurgical Holdings. SIJ comprises some six different companies whose products and services range from high-quality flat and long steel to consumable welding materials, industrial knives and the training of disabled workers. Ravne Knives makes knives for the wood industry. Applications include knives for veneers, knives for wood chipping and pulping and metalworking industry knives – a variety of metalcutting knives and shear blades, knives used in the paper and print industries and knives for the rubber, leather and plastic industries. The type and size of the knives vary from circular to straight, and the company is capable of producing knives of up to six metres in length, and circular knives up to a maximum of 1,500 millimetres in diameter. CNC machinery, high-grade steel, advanced heat-treatment technology and a highly skilled and motivated workforce enable Ravne Knives to produce some of the best industrial knives available on the market, and it is an important producer and supplier in the sector.

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