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Methanol blending is alternative fuel of the future

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The main objective of “alcohol fuel power” field is increase of fuel resources for transport by using right alternative  such as ethanol and methanol blending with gasoline, which unlike pure oil fuel, are characterized renewable and have unlimited sources of raw materials. Margin of oil (valuable hydrocarbonic raw materials for petrochemical productions) and also a power source, in a certain degree are limited. Terms of their exhaustion in certain crude oil containing regions of a planet, by calculations of various experts, equals from 50 to 80 years.

The methanol is known also as wood alcohol, represents by itself colorless liquid with a smell reminding ethanol alcohol, but weaker. In fact, methanol is soluble, capable biologically to decay as alcohol which in the nature has a natural look. The most interesting in methanol, it is functionality. So, methanol blending can be used both in classical internal combustion engines, and in special fuel elements for receiving electricity. Smooth transition to ecological use of energy can be provided by using it. In addition it is used in production of a set of different products, such, as paints, glues, aerosols, varnishes, CD – and DVD disks, etc.

In spite of the fact that heat-conducting ability of alcohols is almost twice less than heat-conducting ability of gasoline, nevertheless methanol blending gives the chance to increase considerably engine capacity in comparison with clean gasoline. The matter is that combustion of one weight part of alcohol requires 6,5-8,4 weight parts of air, and for combustion of gasoline requires 15 parts. At the increasing of fuel consumption expenses with possessing of high opportunity it is possible to increase engine power. Besides, alcohols possess high reserved warmth of evaporation (steam formation): 200-260 instead of 75 at gasoline that gives the best cooling of the gas mixture, which is arriving to the engine cylinders and it promotes better filling of the cylinders. Thermal intensity of the forced engine which is working on alcohol considerably decreases as temperature from evaporation of fuel is reached in case of methyl alcohol application. The mix of methanol blending with gasoline burns better in comparison with other fuels; therefore they are applied more widely in transport sector as alternative fuel. Such fuel harms less an environment and it is more eco-friendly in comparison with usual gasoline and diesel. Many scientists of the world consider methanol as important part of future power and potential replacement of gasoline.

The GlobeCore Blending company is intended in methanol blending systems production for improvement of gasoline properties and decrease negative effect to the environment. Use of our hydrodynamic mixing installations and automation systems allow to reduce duration of process and number of the necessary workers which occupied in a mixing process and laboratory analyses. Automation of control by storage park will allow to refuse a large number of the operators necessary for controlling of valve fittings and pumps in a manual mode. All equipment is made in consent of the customer, observing a full compounding process of a product.

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