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Method for consequence curves as applied to flood risks

This article summarises research intended to expand current study methodologies targeting flood risks with regard to specific issues and emergency preparedness requirements of municipalities. Various methods are currently available to predict the consequences of flooding risks. DOMINO is one such tool used to study flooding risks from natural events or from potential dam breaks. A complementary tool, CONSEQ, was developed to compute the impacts and present them in the form of consequence curves. This tool uses a specific method to assess all tangible and direct damages from exceptional flooding. However, intangible damages and the needs of municipalities downstream of the facility will also be taken into account. This article presents the DOMINO and CONSEQ tools as well as the methodology used to study consequences in relation to these analytical tools. It also describes the requirements of municipal emergency managers in order to draw consequence curves.

Keywords: flood risks, flooding, consequences, consequence curves, risk assessment, emergency procedures, analytical modelling, emergency management

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