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Methods of fine oil purification

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High degree of oil purity is a normal requirement of modern hydraulic and lubrication systems. However, oil manufacturers sometimes fail to ensure the required oil purity, hence the need to purify the oil before operation

One of the instruments of increasing efficiency of energy generation and consumption is reduction of resources consumed for its production with simultaneous increase of production. It is also obvious that new technologies must be implemented by the energy sector to stay competitive. At the same time, reliable energy supply must be secured for the consumers. This requires that all power generation and distribution facilities operate without interruption: all equipment must be kept in good condition.

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One of the resources used in the process of generation and distribution is oil. While oil is obviously not a direct means of production, its function is paramount to operation of primary equipment, such as transformers. Primary functions of oil are dissipation of heat and insulation. Oil is considered a resource, since it requires periodic renewal due to gradual contamination. In the process of operation, oil has a tendency to accumulate contaminants of various sizes and origins. This is caused by natural wear of movable parts, oil oxidation and the complex chemical processes inside transformers. The latter cause formation and accumulation of water in the oil; solid insulation of transformers deteriorate over time, releasing products of degradation into the oil; after all, the oil itself ages and degrades, and products of its decay, including additives, forms sludge. As a result, there are numerous types of contamination: oil aging products (decomposed additives), water, corrosion production, silicates, cellulose fibers from insulation, oxidation products, gases, acids etc. Obviously, the contaminants negatively affect functionality of oil filled equipment due to degradation of oil performance, to the point of total equipment failure. Therefore, the significance of oil for efficient and continuous operation of generation and distribution equipment cannot be overemphasized.

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