MGP Testing (August 1, 2003)


Courtesy of Minergy Corporation Limited

The overall objective of this project is to determine the feasibility of converting manufactured gas plant (MGP) waste to glass using an oxygen-fueled melter. The equipment used for demonstration purposes is located at the GlassPack Demonstration Facility, owned and operated by Minergy Corp of Milwaukee. Four samples of MGP waste from a Wisconsin location were provided by We Energies, also based in Milwaukee. The study occurred in three phases,
including a series of laboratory tests, a series of crucible melts, and a demonstration melt in a commercial-scale unit.
The results of this study demonstrated full technical feasibility. Glass characteristics were good, with acceptable melting temperatures well within the limits of existing refractory. Fluxing was performed for the full-scale demonstration using ground glass, in order to improve the material handling characteristics of the MGP waste.

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