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Miami marlins daseball park, Miami, FL(LEED Silver Project ) case study


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Project Name: Miami Marlins Baseball Park
Products: Grasspave2 Permeable Pavement
Applications: Grass Porous Parking Lots
City: Miami
State/Province: Florida
Install Date: January-March 2012
Install Size: 7240 m2 (77,930 sq ft)
Address: 1390 Northwest 6th Street, Miami, FL
Client: Miami-Dade County
Designer: Rosenberg Garden Design, Miami.
Contractor: General: Suffolk
Construction. Sub Contrator: Superior Landscaping.
Directions - 1390 Northwest 6th Street, Miami, FL
Location: The parking bays of the West Parking Lots W1, W2, and W3
Photography: Joanne Gulliksen, GAP Architectual Products

Summary: Sitting on the former site of the Orange Bowl (which also had Grasspave2 parking bays), the new Marlins Park is a LEED Certified Project. Grasspave2 added to the certification with it’s recycled content, stormwater managment, and urban heat island mitigation. Grasspave2 was used on the west parking lots – W1, W2, and W3 in the parking bays. The water table is high on this site. When it rains in southern Florida, a large volume drops during a short period of time and the water table can rise to the surface. The coral/sand base drains well, but asphalt parking generates an overload of stormwater. By mixing asphalt aisles with Grasspave2 parking bays, the drainage is instant through the grass, sand, and coral. The quality of water is improved with grass as a natural filter.

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