Microbial control reduces sulfide

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The article is about sewage odour control using a totally NEW technology known as Microbial Control. Microbial control treats the cause of sewage odour, corrosion and methane gas production in sewers by removing the biofilm / sediment (slimes) complexes where sewage odour and methane gas are produced. Without sewage odour you cannot have sewage infrastructure corrosion from sulfuric acid.

As microbes are responsible for the breakdown of wastewater to its constituent parts, the ability to control microbes offers
the prospect of radically altering the way we manage wastewater systems in the future. One application is to virtually eliminate the bacterial slime that generates H2S in sewers. This paper is a brief summary of a trial using the proprietary Biosol™ BR X2 product conducted in a component of the Yarra Valley Water system in Melbourne.


In 1996 the first breakthrough in microbial control came when scientists recognised that bacteria have to communicate with one another in order to form and maintain biofilms or slime complexes. This communication occurs at he cellular level and elicits a range of responses from the bacteria. These responses range from the resuscitation of dormant planktonic bacteria to the formation or disintegration of biofilms.

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