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Microfiltration Pilot System, California

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In May 2013, Pure Aqua, Inc. successfully manufactured and supplied an microfiltration pilot system to a membrane manufacturer for Title 22 certification. Title 22 is the State of California’s stringent standard for treatment/disinfection of wastewater for non-potable reuse and discharge. The certification is considered the global standard for water reuse. MF/UF is the best available technology for wastewater reuse projects.

The pilot system was designed for tertiary treatment of secondary wastewater (treated/clarified sewage). The 30 gpm system consisted of one MF module; major components include feed & backwash pumps, compressor, integrated CIP and chemically enhanced backwash (CEB). The pilot required additional instrumentation including turbidity monitors, particle counters, air flow transducer, pH, etc. The touch screen (HMI) included data logging and additional screens for operator adjustable set points. The global membrane manufacture is able control and monitor the unit remotely from a PC utilizing Siemens WinCC software and a mobile (cellular) connection.

System Overview

Location : CA, USA
End-User : Municipality/Gov’t
Objective : UF membrane pilot
Water Source : Secondary wastewater (treated sewage)
Capacity : 2 X 43,320 GPD
Feed TSS/COD : < 50 ppm
Pretreatment : 150 micron screen
Dosing Systems : CEB – chemically enhanced backwash (acid, caustic and chlorine)
Analog Instruments : Turbidity monitors, particle counter, pressure, temperature, air flow (thermal dispersion), water flow (magnetic) and pH
Control System : Siemens PLC (S7-1200) with 10” color touch screen
Remote Monitoring : Mobile connection with PC control/interface (WinnCC)

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