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Microfiltration: Rocker VF12 Kit Saves Time and Money


Courtesy of Sterlitech Corporation

Filtering organic solvents for applications such as HPLC buffer prep can be challenging in order to ensure chemical compatibility with filters (PVDF, Nylon, or PTFE), preserving longevity of an HPLC column, or containment of toxic fumes, but finding a suitable and comprehensive vacuum system is now easier than ever.

Sterlitech is now offering a comprehensive benchtop vacuum system, the Rocker-VF12 Kit, targeted to the purification of organic or corrosive liquids such as mobile phase solvents for HPLC analysis. Each kit comes complete with a PTFE-coated Rocker 300C Pump, silicone vacuum tubing, and a 300 mL capacity glass filter funnel assembly connected directly to a GL45 waste bottle. The system has the flexibility for adapting to any capacity GL45 bottle, so transfer of filtrate is no longer required – a time saver! Kits are available in both 110V and 220V.

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