Microtox and Deltatox bioassay technology – early warning systems for monitoring and evaluating drinking water quality placed on DHS approved products list for homeland security


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Microtox Bioassay technology was recently awarded the Designation and Certification as an ‘Approved Product for Homeland Security’ under the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (the SAFETY ACT), by the Department of Homeland Security, DHS. Accordingly, Microtox has been placed on the “Approved Products List for Homeland Security.”

The EPA Office of Research and Development published a state of the art (SOTA) review listing desired characteristics of Integrated Early Warning Systems:

Rapid Response – Microtox total time to results is 30 minutes while Deltatox is 15 minutes. Rapid Response of the SOTA review is defined as ‘less than 2 hours’. http://www.epa.gov/nhsrc/pubs/reportEWS120105.pdf

Detection of wide range of potential contaminants – Microtox bibliography includes over 2000 characterized chemicals as well as biological contamination. Common Compounds of Concern in Drinking Water

Allows acquisition, maintenance and upgrades at an affordable cost – Purchase and lease options are available, along with extended warranty plans and access to loaner units for worry free maintenance and no interruptions to your monitoring program. Microtox offers the lowest cost per test. http://usacehr.amedd.army.mil/aeam/Methods/Rapid/default.asp

Require low skill and training –“An operator with little or no technical training could follow the manual instructions to analyze samples successfully”, quoted from ETV Joint Verification Statement on Microtox and Deltatox (additional details below) . There is also a Comprehensive certified training program available in addition to user friendly software package provided with the Microtox unit.

Identify source of contaminant – Deltatox bioassay unit is portable, allowing for detection at source. Microtox bioassay unit is a temperature controlled, PC integrated lab analyzer for fixed based testing.

Demonstrate sufficient sensitivity – See detection level for Common Compounds of Concern in Drinking Waterhttp://www.sdix.com/TechSupport/bulletins/Toxicity%20Index.pdf

Permit minimal false-positives/false-negatives – See above

Robust and Rugged – Microtox Bioassay technology has been in use for 20+ years in Drinking water and Wastewater applications

3rd Party Testing and Verification – ETV, EPA
MTOX ETV Statement - http://www.epa.gov/etv/pdfs/vrvs/01_vs_microtox.pdf
MTOX ETV Study - http://www.epa.gov/etv/pdfs/vrvs/01_vr_microtox.pdf
DTOX ETV Statement - http://www.epa.gov/etv/pdfs/vrvs/01_vs_deltatox.pdf
DTOX ETV Study - http://www.epa.gov/etv/pdfs/vrvs/01_vr_deltatox.pdf

Strategic Diagnostics Inc. is the recognized world leader in the development and application of biosensor based measurement systems for toxicity testing and the leader in rapid and accurate on site environmental testing technology. We provide many rapid results technologies that are beneficial to utilities supplying and managing water systems, e.g. Micro Bio Tests, which are culture and maintenance free miniaturized bioassays for routine toxicity screening and rapid results heavy metals tests with very low detection limits.

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