MIEX® DOC Process - A New Ion Exchange Process

The MIEXÒ DOC Process is a novel process that utilises ion exchange for the removal natural organic matter (NOM) in drinking water treatment. The process was developed by Orica Watercare in partnership with the CSIRO Molecular Sciences and SA Water AWQC.

A detailed description of the MIEXÒ DOC Process and trial results from several development stages can be found elsewhere (Nguyen et al., 1994 and 1997; Morran et al., 1996 and 1997; Bursill et al., 1996; O’Leary & Herbert, 1998; Bourke et al., 1999). NOM removal by strong base (SBA) anion exchange resins had attracted a significant interest over the last ten years and numerous papers have been published. Nevertheless, information on full scale or large pilot plant scale ion exchange (IX) applications for the NOM removal is limited.

In this paper, a detailed account is given of differences between the MIEXÒ DOC Process and conventional, column based IX processes. The main advantages of the MIEXÒ DOC Process over other IX processes for the removal of NOM in drinking water treatment are:

  • No pre-treatment is required which enables the MIEXÒ DOC Process to be used at any stage of the treatment chain,
  • Simple process design that offers a flexible operation at a lower capital, operating and maintenance costs,
  • Process design that enables a simple and effective retrofit to existing conventional water treatment plants,
  • More effective NOM removal based on the full utilisation of the unique properties of the MIEXÒ DOC Resin,
  • Stable and consistent NOM removal rate that can be adjusted on-line to manage raw water quality fluctuations.

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