MIEX® Pretreatment to Micro & UltraFiltration


Courtesy of IXOM Watercare

There are currently (in 2006) four full-scale membrane plants in operation where the MIEX® Process pre-treats water prior to the membrane process. Two plants use Microfiltration (MF) and two use Ultrafiltration (UF). This technical note highlights the benefits of MIEX® Treatment prior to MF and UF based on operating data and experience at these facilities. In particular, data is provided from the MIEX® Treatment facilities at the Big Elk Meadows Water

Association 50-gpm MF plant in Lyons, Colorado, and the Mt. Pleasant 370-gpm MF plant in South Australia. Data illustrating effective dissolved organic carbon (DOC) removal is also included from the City of Vallejo 1-mgd conventional plant in Suisun, California.

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