Milk Processing Wastewater Treatment

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Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

A milk processing facility was using a 800 hp evaporator to dispose of their 0.75% solids concentrated milk waste stream. The staff was interested in evaluating the effect of using the Floccin products to capture the majority of the BOD and send this higher % solids/BOD sludge to the evaporator. The idea was to reduce the electric hp by reducing the volume of water going to the evaporator. Their treatment ponds become over loaded causing extensive odors when the evaporator goes down due to mechanical or power outages or cannot keep up with the 200,000+ gallons/day flow. 

The addition of the Floccin-K product reduced the BOD in the concentrated milk water from 13,000 ppm to 2,900 ppm allowing the water to flow into their treatment ponds. The concentrated sludge generated from the Floccin-K is about 8% solids. The reduction in water going to the evaporator is estimated to be 150,000 gallons/day. This will save an estimated $2,000/day in electrical costs. In addition, their wastewater ponds will not be overloaded.

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