Minas Basin Pulp and Power Co., Hantsport, Nova Scotia, Canada


Courtesy of Thermal Energy International Inc.

Paper Dryer Application

Johnson Controls Inc. implemented Thermal Energy’s FLU-ACE heat recovery technology at Minas Basin Pulp and Power Co. in 2006 to recover waste heat from the paper making dryer and use it in the manufacturing process to offset the mill’s oil consumption.

The award-winning project uses a Flu-Ace direct contact condensing tower to recover both sensible and latent heat from the pocket vent exhaust and apply that heat at 145 degrees F to preheat paper machine water streams, building heat and boiler feed water using a series of plate type heat exchangers.


  • Captures waste heat previously discharged into the atmosphere
  • Reduces fuel consumption 15 to 20% (approximately $1 million a year)
  • Significant reductions in annual greenhouse gases and other emissions:
    • 8,350 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2)
    • 92 tons of sulphur dioxide (SO2)
    • 16 tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx).

(this is the equivalent of taking 1,830 cars off the road)

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