Mineral prospecting case study 2

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Courtesy of ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd.

We had recently carried out a copper prospecting survey. Electrodes were placed on the surface at 5m interval, one cable was connected to electrodes on surface and another cable is put in to the borehole. After repeating the surveys at nearby borehole, we generated two resistivity distribution images.

We determined that the band of low resistivity approximately 30m below surface has a high chance to be a copper deposit. This result fits associate degree expectation that such a shallow layer is probably going to possess incidental to low resistance.

We laterly found there's vital overall correspondence of the geophysical science results with the geologic work and meter by meter assays. There seems to be a modification in electrical pattern about halfway between the two boreholes we surveyed. This might indicate a close to vertical fault, or maybe that units lens out about half way between the holes.



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