Mining application overview - Case Study


Courtesy of Presto Geosystems

PRESTO Geosystems works together with the mining industry and their consultants to solve specific soil stabilization problems.

The Geoweb® system is used to develop unique and cost-effective solutions that solve problems in load support, slope and channel stabilization, dike and lagoon protection, pipeline support and protection, and earth retention.

The Geoweb® system resolves problems in all phases of the mining operation:

  • Developing and establishing new mining operations.
  • Supporting mining operation activities.
  • Facilitating mine closure.
  • Site remediation.

Geoweb® load support system

The Geoweb® load support system strengthens and stabilizes granular infill materials, providing load distribution in the
following key areas:

  • Base stabilization over weak soils or under paved surfaces.
  • Surface stabilization for unpaved aggregate surfaces.
  • Temporary stabilization for site access and equipment mobilization.

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