Mining landfills and using the methane & garbage for Energy

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The revolutionary process of turning all waste into energy using RCBC Global Inc. technology will change the way we handle waste for the rest of time. RCBC has the power to mine existing landfills and use the garbage and methane for energy. We have a unique, tried and true system. It has had 30 months worth of tesing on 61 different fuels. These test results have proven to have a much lesser black carbon put out than any other system known.  

The problem is when I try to tell people about the system they make is so complictaed. The truth is, that it simply a boiler with an archimededs spiral that takes the fuel (Waste) through the boiler tube up to 300 times untill there is a 98-99% clean carbon burn out. Then it goes into a turbine and released for making the steam for electricity. What is left over is an environmentally friendly fly off ash called X-Soil, this can be used for land reclamation after the landfills are mined. 

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