Minnesota, USA: 20 years of water quality


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

Since 1978, this Minnesota marina on the Mississippi River has depended on its AIRE-O2® aeration system year-round. During winters where temperatures plunge to -30 oF below zero, the aerators keep the marina free from ice, eliminating the time and expense of removing dock moorings.

Algae and odors are controlled in summer when temperatures can surpass 100 oF. During one severe drought stricken summer, the AIRE-O2® aerators saved the marina millions of dollars in revenues. 'Without the AIRE-O2® , we’d be out of business', said an official. The AIRE-O2® aerator’s oxygenation and mixing capabilties at the marina were featured on ABC-TV News Tonight as a ‘Solution to Pollution‘. A 20 year performance that keeps on going..Contact us for more information.

During winter, the AIRE-O2® aerators are used for ice control.

The marina wisely chose to take care of the water they had left during a severe drought by adding even more aerators.

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