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Mixed organic waste composting using rotary drum composter

A combination of vegetable waste, cattle manure and saw dust was utilised for high rate composting in a household rotary drum composter. It was found that temperature remained above 55?C for a period of two days, Faecal Coliforms and Faecal Streptococci decrease from 7.5 ? 108 to 5 ? 102 and 1.5 ? 107 to 5 ? 103 bacteria/g, respectively. Negligible VFAs production indicated full aerobic conditions. Nitrification occurred after sixth day i.e., when temperature dropped below 40?C. BOD/COD ratio decreased up to 12 days and remained stable thereafter, indicating the stability of compost in terms of biodegradation.

Keywords: decentralised composting, rotary drum composters, solid waste management, mixed organic matter, cattle manure, C:N ratio, temperature, aerobic condition, organic waste, vegetable waste, cattle manure, sawdust, nitrification, biodegradation

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