Mixers and Flowmakers: Flowmakers at the Lynetten WWTP, Copenhagen


Courtesy of Landia a/s

In 1995 Landia installed 95 flowmakers, type POPL-I, in the aeration tanks at the Lynetten Wastewater Treatment Plant in Copenhagen.

The wastewater treatment plants Lynetten and Damhusåen to which Landia also supplied mixers treat a total of 75-100 mio m³ wastewater a year - approx. 1.1 mio. person equivalents. The Lynetten WWTP is the largest wastewater treatment plant in Denmark.

The client chose the Landia flowmakers due to the low energy consumption and the low maintenance costs.

The plant has 20 aeration tanks each containing 7,000 m³ of wastewater. The flowmakers create the specified flow as well as homogenise the activated sludge.

The aeration system consists of rotors. Thus it was important to ensure that the flowmakers did not just create a horizontal flow but also ensured mixing, resulting in an even oxygen content in the cross section of the tank. Several brands were tested and it turned out that the Landia flowmaker was the most efficient.

The plant has operated without problems since 1995 and all originally installed flowmakers still operate.

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