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Mn doped GaN thin films and nanoparticles

Magnetically doped GaN in the form of thin films and nanoparticles has been investigated. The Mn doped GaN layers were grown on sapphire substrates by MOVPE. The influence of deposition condition on surface morphology, magnetic and structural properties was investigated. GaN:Mn epitaxial layers exhibit magnetic moment persisting up to room temperature. The magnetically doped layers were also prepared by ion implantation of GaN layers by Mn. The influence of free carrier concentration and other parameters on magnetic properties were investigated. The pure and transition metal (Cr, Mn and Fe) doped GaN nanoparticles were synthesised by decomposition of fluoride–based complex compound in ammonia atmosphere. Mn doped nanoparticles exhibit pure paramagnetic behaviour.

Keywords: GaN nanoparticles, GaN thin films, manganese, transition metals, MOVPE, ion implantations, doping, magnetism, spintronics, nanotechnology, gallium nitride, paramagnetic behaviour, sapphire substrates

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