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MNCs R&D interest in India: an overview of their R&D centre linkages with Indian institutions

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The focus of the paper is on the nature and extent of linkages between MNCs R&D centres and the Indian institutions i.e., educational institutions, research institutions and firms. The study is based on the primary survey. It tries to develop a macrolevel broad overview of the modes of linkages preferred by MNCs R&D centres in India and attempts to address some of the various questions associated with MNCs interest in developing economies. From the analysis of the linkages it appears that MNCs R&D centres in India are more interested to have access to human resources in contradistinction to their operations in developed countries where access to technology or knowledge has been the prime goal. The study has identified 706 MNC R&D centres operating in India; mostly in the information technology and software sector. Out of 706 firms, only 117 firms have formal linkages with Indian institutions and that too mostly with the universities and other educational institutions. Least preferred for linkages are Indian R&D institutions. The study indicates the possibility that India is emerging as human resource hub for MNCs future research endeavours.

Keywords: MNCs, R&D centres, linkages, sectors, educational institutions, Indian firms, contract research

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