Mobile service saves $46,700 in metalworking fluid system


The Problem: An engine manufacturer had been having trouble with tool life, filtration performance and oil misting. To remedy the problem, the central system was partially discarded and replaced on a routine basis. The systems ranged in size from 8,000 to 40,000 gallons, and, while dumping was helping the problem, fluid costs were unacceptably high. The manufacturer and their contracted CMP asked Solution Recovery Services (SRS) for recommendations. Initial data on the systems indicated a range of 4.8% to 12 % tramp oil in the various central systems.

The SRS Service: Due to the need for tramp oil removal on a variety of central systems, SRS proposed a SR-1020 mobile purification module. Working together with CMP and the automotive company, a contaminant control program was developed to maintain the central systems at no more than 4% tramp oil. The contaminant control program customized to the client included a SR 1020 centrifugal purification module as well as routine operational assistance with a SRS technician. The SR-1020 was implemented on a Preventative Maintenance rotation throughout the plant to control the tramp oil. The SRS technician was integrated with the plant maintenance personnel to coordinate moving the module, adjusting the module per the CMPs request, and maintaining the SR-1020.

The Results: In just one month, the number of partial dumps was reduced by 78%. After two months on the program, partial dumping was almost eliminated. Tool life greatly improved on critical machining operations, and machine operators noted cleaner air and reduced dermal exposure to oil. Cost savings from fluid concentrate consumption and waste reduction only:

Cost Savings Produced………$46,700.

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